10 ways to keep your child busy during the summer break

The summer can be such an exciting couple of weeks for children; the sun is out, flowers are blooming and of course school is on break. Nonetheless, the summer break can be boring for children in the absence of a plan. Let’s call this the summer engagement plan. Today we suggest to you ten things to put on your summer engagement plan for your child or children, especially if you don’t have travel plans.

  1. Summer school. Summer school is a productive way to engage your child this summer. A few hours set aside for academic work helps to keep the minds of children fresh and in tune for the next school year. Aside learning, children get to meet their friends and make new ones.
  2. Summer camps. There are several residential summer camp programmes designed to help children and teens to be more independent, try new activities and make new friends. It is an exciting yet beneficial way to occupy children and teenagers during the school break.
  3. Create a summer memory board. Parents can take this on with their children as a family project. Document activities and special moments for a lasting memory. It’s a fun way to make children more aware of special moments and appreciative of time spent with family and friends.
  4. Visit a local library at least once a week. Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body. Encourage your child to read books during the school break instead of spending all their free time on cell phones and other gadgets.
  5. Volunteering. Encourage children, especially teenagers to dedicate some time to a worthy cause. Volunteering teaches children and teenagers valuable social skills such as kindness and appreciation. Experiences from volunteering can be good topics to write about for college application.
  6. Sign up for or attend community activities like sports and fun fairs.
  7. Plant a garden. Engage children by starting a garden if you have the space or assign them the responsibility of caring for a potted plant.
  8. Teach your child a new skill. You can never run out of space for a new skill. So, this summer teach your child a new skill. Lifesaving skills like cooking can be considered as good starts.
  9. Arrange play dates with friends, family and neighbours. When you notice your child is bored, it could be because they miss their friends and other family members. Drop them off at granny’s or at their best friend’s. Plan a sleepover or other activities they can enjoy with loved ones.
  10. Plan family date nights to do an activity together, watch a movie and have some fun. Besides, what is summer without a little bit of fun. Have some fun. Actually, lots of it!

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