Foods that boost brain function in children

We want children to do better at school. Excellent academic performance is a confidence booster for children and brings much joy and pride to parents and teachers.

Did you know that certain everyday foods have the potential to boost brain health and consequently enhance the cognitive performance of a child?

Here are some amazing brain foods to consider for your child or children;

Eggs: Eggs contain protein and nutrients that are critical for brain development. Eggs help with a child’s concentration. Fortunately, many children enjoy eating eggs in several forms. Be it boiled, scrambled or an omelette, eggs are super brain foods for children. 

Cocoa: Cocoa-rich foods such as hot or cold chocolate drinks, spreads, etc. have anti-inflammatory and brain protective properties. Cocoa and cocoa products help improve cognitive performance in children. Thankfully, many cocoa products have a sweet taste that children absolutely love.

Apples and plums: Fruits are good sources of vitamins that boost the immune system of children. However, apples and plums contain unique antioxidants that can fight decline in mental skills. Jams and purees are good but consider serving apples and plums in their natural forms. There’s some goodness in the skins as well.

Nuts and seeds: Peanut, almonds, cashew, sesame and a host of other nuts and seeds also contain nutrients that improve brain function. These crunchy delights served as snacks will surely make both your child and their brain happy. Consider making seeds and nuts into butters or spreads if your child struggles to eat them.

Greek yogurt: If your child likes yogurt, you are in luck. Greek yogurt helps keep brain cells in good form especially for sending and receiving information. Greek yogurt with some nuts and apples is an excellent brain booster dessert for your child.

Green leafy vegetables: Getting children to eat green leafy vegetables can be challenging. Yet they are very essential to a child’s brain development. Instead of a salad, consider throwing in greens such as kale and celery in smoothies, or add some spinach in an omelette.

Share recipes and other brain foods with us in the comment section. Let’s get interactive!

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